Sunday, January 9, 2011

Young leaders see results

The baptism of Madison Barron and Connor Pugh, both from Springwood club, as part of the Sabbath morning program at camporee was another highlight of an event they describe as the pinnacle of the past Pathfinder year. Director Warren Barron says it began with a prayer meeting with the clubs young leaders in late 2009.

This past year the clubs 21 young leaders—aged between 16 and 23—have played a major role in the club and, in particular, two leaders Marty and Katrina conducted Bible studies with the two young people who were baptised at camporee.

“Our young leaders interact better than some older people and gives the younger Pathfinders a vision of what they can be,” says Mr Barron. “And these young leaders are fearless—they are more willing to give it a go.

“My role now as an older person is to support and encourage our young people. But with such enthusiastic leaders, it has been a great year for our club.”