Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camporee clean up continues after Toowoomba disaster

Camporee director Tony Knight and a small group of camporee staff were still working on demolition and cleaning up after camporee when Toowoomba was hit by the wild storms and floods that caused so much damage and loss of life on Monday. However, he has assured that those still working on the camporee site are safe and well, warm and dry. And with all roads out of Toowoomba closed at the moment, they might be there for a little while yet.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord indeed blessed us in allowing all of our Pathfinders and leaders, and most of our event staff to get out of the disaster zone before the real troubles began," says Pastor Knight. "We also offer our prayers on behalf of those in the City of Toowoomba who have tragiclly lost loved ones at this time. Please also pray for the people who so graciously hosted us last week, and now need our support."

If you would like to donate funds to assist with flood relief, you can call the following ADRA Hotline number 1800 242 372 or you can visit the ADRA website for details of the Queensland Flood Appeal at www.adra.org.au.

And flooding further afield has hampered the return journeys of a number of Pathfinder clubs, who have been stranded on their way home.