Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chaplains reaching out to Pathfinders

A team of 15 chaplains are working with Pathfinders at camporee this week. They have also planned some special activities and collectible items for Pathfinders to look out for in their sub-camps.

Each sub-camp has a chaplains’ tent and a male and female chaplain assigned to that sub-camp. These lead out in morning worships and spend time in the camps. “Feel free to talk to the chaplains when you see them around, invite them to visit your club or drop by their tent,” Pastor Steve Kane, the chaplains’ leader and youth director from South Queensland, told Pathfinders. “They're all wearing their special red ‘chaplain’ hats.”

One of the special features Pathfinders are looking out for are the series of five collector cards. “When Pathfinders collect the series—one each day, they can then learn the Bible verse on the back and repeat it to any chaplain to win a prize," Pastor Kane explains.

“A chaplain is someone who is interested in the young people and wants to give them the greatest gift that can ever be given—Jesus Christ. The chaplains want to help encourage camporee participants in taking the opportunity to connect with God at camporee. And the chaplains want to get to know the young people in their sub-camps and to pray with them.”

Chaplains will also be offering prayer request cards that campers can fill in and deposit in Josiah’s special chest in the “Stronghold” (the prayer tent that is operating throughout the camporee period).