Saturday, January 8, 2011

The joy of hosting

The Taupo club (pronounced Toe-paw) is among our three international visitors at the Australian Camporee. The eight young people and five adults from across the ditch were hosted by the Mackay Central Club. Director Rochelle Rielly would recommend the experience. Mackay provided tents and food for their guests, even organising some of the touring activities before camporee, including a trip to Australia Zoo.

“Mackay were hosted by another club at OshKosh, USA. They decided to pay the favour forward and host us!” says Mrs Rielly. “I think we will definitely be hosting a club in the future. It is so beneficial for the kids and everyone.”

Taupo fundraised for 18 months to get here, selling everything they could find, holding bake sales and selling kiwi fruit. So was it worth the work and the trip? “The integration with the other kids has been great. They’ve made many good friends, especially with the Mackay club,” says Mrs Rielly. They say they definitely will be back.