Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Under Oath" Underway

Toowomba’s mayor, Councillor Peter Taylor, was impressed by his visit to the opening ceremony of the Australian Pathfinder Camporee. He commented to camporee leaders that he was amazed with the parade and the obvious efforts of the staff in bringing so many young people to Toowoomba and preparing this event. “It’s just a magnificent spectacle from where I am,” he told the assembled Pathfinders.

Meanwhile, staff members from clubs and the camporee relayed water to the Pathfinders on the field to combat the heat. Around 300 parents, club members and people from the Toowoomba community watched from the showground stands.

After the raising of the national, state and Pathfinder flags, the “Under Oath” camporee flag was delivered to the colour guard by a fleet of three vintage Caddilacs.

And finally it was the privilege of camporee director, Pastor Tony Knight, to declare the “Under Oath” Australian Pathfinder Camporee officially open.