Thursday, January 6, 2011

A new sub-camp is born

There is a new sub-camp group here at camporee. Affectionately dubbed “Mt Ararat,” it is the place that 38 clubs have come to rest after the “flood.” With 933 Pathfinders taking shelter there, it was a fairly hectic day in the “DoC” building.

The day began with the four clubs who had stayed overnight eating a hearty breakfast. As the heavy rain rolled in, more and more clubs began to take shelter in the pavilion. The six original sub-camps are operating as normal, although with fewer clubs.

Camporee directors praised the efforts and adaptability of event staff in the difficult circumstances. “I was very impressed with the Pathfinder directors today,” says Terry Johnson, administrative director. “I think they did a top job. And the camporee staff went above and beyond the call of duty.”