Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pathfinders say, "Thank you, Toowoomba"

As the Australian Pathfinder Camporee came to an end on Sunday, camporee director Tony Knight thanked Toowoomba for hosting the national event and for the community’s support, particularly when heavy rainfall disrupted the camporee on Thursday.

Amid other stories of local support, at least one laundromat stayed open until 1:30am on Thursday night to allow club leaders to dry bedding and clothes for their young people. On hearing of the needs of the displaced Pathfinders, one local woman turned up with bags of dry towels

“We really appreciate the support of the local community in this way,” says Mr Knight. “Right from the beginning, the Toowoomba community and council have been very welcoming of this event—and they really showed that welcome in practice, when we really needed it.

“For more than 2500 young people from around Australia, Toowoomba will be remembered—and, despite the challenges posed by the weather, most of those memories will be very positive.”