Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Under Oath" under cover?

Camporee director Pastor Tony Knight commended clubs and Pathfinders for their responses to the downpour on Wednesday afternoon. “While these conditions are challenging to us all, most clubs have coped well,” he says, “and, of course, most Pathfinders made the most of the conditions.

“Our team is working to look after the clubs who have suffered the most damage and we are allowing club leaders to leave the site to look after the needs of their clubs,” says Pastor Knight. “However, this should only be done in consultation with the sub-camp leaders and no Pathfinders should leave the camporee site.

“The camporee will continue but we may have to adapt our program to suit the weather conditions,” says Pastor Knight. “But this is what Pathfindering is about. Let’s keep enjoying camporee together.”