Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clubs keep spirits up

The Wantirna club (Vic) made their own fun amid the rain on Thursday, with a two-hour arm-wrestling competition and sing-alongs that included new, creative verses to the “Pathfinder Song.” They even claim to have invented a new honour in “mud rugby” and created their own river, known—appropriately enough—as the “Wantirna River.”

Meanwhile, Park Ridge Pathfinders (Qld) have been noticed for their helping hands. While many clubs struggled in the heavy rain, Park Ridge’s tents stayed fairly dry so they looked for how they could help other camps and began helping to feed other clubs in their sub-camp. “That’s what Pathfindering’s about,” says club director, Gwen Ward. “Maybe that’s why we had the rain. God has got us all pulling together.”

The Park Ridge kids have been making friends in the process. “In 20 years, we’ll all look back and remember Toowoomba,” says Ms Ward.